STRADIVARIUS - Novidades Outono/Inverno '15 Mulher | STRADIVARIUS - News Autumn/Winter '15 Women #3

by - 22.9.15

Boa tarde, hoje as novidades são da Stradivarius. Eu digo-vos já que esta coleção "leva-me à loucura" porque eu gosto imenso dela. As cores e as coisas que esta nova coleção da loja Stradivarius nos mostram são mesmo giras e eu se pudesse comprava tudo.

Good afternoon, today the news are from Stradivarius. I need to tell that this collection make me feel crazy because I really liked it. The colors and the things that the store show us is so gorgeous that I'm in love with everything that is down below and absolutely that I would use all of them if I can bought everything.

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